Worship and Sunday Morning

At Connecting Point, our worship is reformed, creative, and challenging. Every week there are parts of the worship service that are notably similar to previous weeks (our liturgy), but at the same time every worship service feels fresh and vibrant as the worship team's creativity comes out in the service. Worship is not a place to sit back and relax. We believe it is participatory and joyful.

Our worship music spans genres and is chosen for specific purposes: praise and adoration, to illuminate scripture, to aid prayer, for meditation, to gather for the Lord's Supper, to celebrate, to mourn, to close the service and send people to do God's mission in the world, and more. In all the music we play and sing, we strive for what we call the "Connecting Point sound." Whether old or new music, we want the arrangement of the music to reflect a modern acoustic feel. On most songs, we blend the keyboard, guitars, mandolin, cajon, and other instruments into a sound you might recognize from a coffee shop or Mumford and Sons album. Everything we do, we do with energy and enthusiasm.

If you have ever wondered what we are doing musically at Connecting Point Presbyterian Church, this was practice before church yesterday.

Posted by Connecting Point Presbyterian Church on Monday, June 8, 2015

Children & Worship

 Children & Worship is an opportunity for children to experience the essential parts of worship in a manner that is age-appropriate. While children are always welcome in regular worship, Children & Worship may be an option that will enrich your young child's worship experiences.

For children 3 years through 2nd grade during the 11:00 worship service (immediately following the "Children's Sermon." Meets in Room 109 (August-May).

We follow an order of worship similar to what happens in the sanctuary service. Activities include singing and sign language, experiencing Bible stories, and praying together. Children are encouraged to "wonder" about the biblical stories and the mysteries of God. During our Response Time the children have a chance to work with the story materials themselves, do art work or puzzles, or look at books. We close each Children & Worship with a scripture reading, prayer and a blessing for one another.

Characteristics of Children and Worship:

  • Respect of Children. This program recognizes children as spiritual beings, who already have a relationship with God. In Children and Worship, adults are guides who offer space, tools, and language which help children deepen their already existing relationship with God.
  • Encouragement of Imagination. There is not enough time in today’s world for children to use their wonderful imaginations. There are too few places for children to learn about the gifts of quiet and solitude. This program is uniquely equipped to offer space for the gift of imagination.
  • Developmentally appropriate. Children and Worship allows children to use all of their senses and motor skills. It includes lots of repetition and lots of ritual which children love.
  • Children Learn about God while Being in God’s Presence. Children and Worship is worship. It is a chance for adults and children to worship together in a meaningful way. 

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