Connecting Point Presbyterian Church is sustained financially by the generosity of God and the generosity of our community of faith. Our giving is not about keeping lights on or making sure there is coffee Sunday morning. (Although that is always a good thing!) Our giving is about connecting generous people to needy causes and ministries in the community and around the world. Your support provides for worship, small groups, community events, and mission projects. More than that, our giving helps to provide space and opportunity to "Connect Christ and community to add faith to life."

By following the link below you will be taken to our online giving page. The online giving page is through our church management software provider Realm. On that page you can choose how much to give, to what fund, the frequency of the donation, and when the donation will be made. Below that you will have an opportunity to enter you payment information, including whether you want to use your banking or savings account, debit or credit card.

Note: Connecting Point is charged fewer fees by the bank when you give using your checking or savings account. 

Online Giving

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